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Lagoon Loves Laravel

We’ve supported Laravel for a long time, with many Laravel sites on Lagoon, but now we are striving to create the best possible experience for local development and deployment of Laravel on Lagoon. We’re excited to announce the launch of Sail:onLagoon, which lets Laravel users spin up a site on Lagoon in record time.

Our goal is to work with the Laravel community to find out how we can best support Laravel. We want to know more about how you interact with Laravel, what you use to develop and deploy, and what your hopes and dreams are for those tools! We’d love it if you could take a couple minutes to fill out our short survey here.

Read our docs on Laravel and Lagoon:

Take our Laravel example for a spin:

Join us on Discord to find out more about Laravel and Lagoon, getting involved, and more!


Sail:onLagoon is a Laravel extension that simplifies the process of Lagoonizing Laravel sites that are already using Laravel Sail to generate their docker-compose setup. This extension provides additional features and configurations tailored for Lagoon environments.

Check out Sail:onLagoon on GitHub:

Watch a short video demonstrating how quickly Sail:onLagoon can get your Laravel app ready for Lagoon: